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Animals have been my passion since I was a child. Growing up we had lots of different pets and as I got older I started growing my interest in why animals behave the way they do. I believe the bonds we make with our animals are so special and deserve respect and care. They are truly members of our families. 
I believe in training being focused on creating a loving bond between owner and animal and that we can always make training an enjoyable and positive experience for all. I follow the latest research and believe in a force-free, positive reward-based approach to training our pets.
My aim is to make training fun and easy! I will always use simple methods that are achievable changes in a busy household as training really is for everyone.



I have worked with animals within some capacity for years with my main passion being behaviour. 

I have a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Evolutionary Psychology. In both of these I focused my research on animal behaviour. 

I have been training with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers since 2021 and passed my membership assessment in Feb 2022. I am also a member of the Pet Professional Network

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